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Author Topic: What's new in Datastage version?  (Read 27517 times)

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« on: July 04, 2007, 02:19:06 pm »

Hi Friends,

What's new in Datastage when compared with Ascential Datastage 7.5.1?
What are all the new things upgraded in the Earliest version?

Please update the recent version available for Enterprise level?

Thanks in advance...!

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« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2010, 03:13:01 pm »

You will find below new things that have been added to the Designer:

  • You find a very cool compare job function.
  • You find parameter sets - a much easier way to create and share groups of job parameters.
  • You find much better search functions.
  • You find the dozens of metadata import bridges for creating table definitions from products like ErWin 7 and Cognos 8 on top of the standard plugin and file metadata imports.

There is the Metadata Server in 8.0 version - You find some minor benefits from the Metadata Server such as a few reports and a browsable database repository - but to really unlock it you need to pay for a Metadata Workbench license.  That's the metadata lineage and impact analysis reporting tool for DataStage and the products it reads and writes that's better than anything MetaStage produced.[/li][/list]

Removed Functions -

These are the functions that are removed from DataStage 8:

  • dssearch command line function
  • dsjob "-import"
  • Version Control tool
  • Released jobs
  • Oracle 8i native database stages
  • ClickPack

The loss of the Version Control tool is not a big deal as the import/export functions have been improved.
Building a release file as an export in version 8 is easier than building it in the Version Control tool in version 7.

New Database Connector Functions - This is a big area of improvement.
  • LOB/BLOC/CLOB Data: Pictures, Documents, etc., of any size can now be moved between databases. After choosing the LOB data type you can choose to pass the data inline or as a link reference.
  • Reject Links: Optionally append error codes and messages, conditionally filter types of rejection, fail a job based on a percentage threshold of failures.
  • Schema Reconciliation: Automatically compare your DataStage schema to the database schema and perform minor data type conversions.
  • Improved SQL Builder that supports more database types.
  • Test button on connectors. Test! You don't have to view data or run a job to find out if the stupid thing works.
  • Drag and drop your configured database connections onto jobs.
  • Before and after SQL defined per job or per node with a failure handling option. Cleaner than previous versions.
  • DataStage 8 gives you access to the latest versions of databases that DataStage 7 doesnot have.
  • Extra functions on all connectors includes improved reject handling, LOB support and easier stage configuration.

New Functions Existing Stages -

  • Complex Flat File Stage: Multi Format File (MFF) in addition to existing cobol file support.
  • Surrogate Key Generator: now maintains the key source via integrated state file or DBMS sequence.
  • Lookup Stage: range lookups by defining checking high and low range fields on the input or reference data table. Updatable in memory lookups.
  • Transformer Stage: new surrogate key functions Initialize() and GetNextKey().
  • Enterprise FTP Stage: now choose between ftp and sftp transfer.

You can achieve most of these functions in the current version with extra coding except for in-memory lookups. This is a killer function in DataStage 8.


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« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2013, 10:27:44 am »

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