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Author Topic: Some help needed  (Read 3343 times)
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« on: May 06, 2009, 04:17:18 pm »


I have 3 tables - table1,table2,table3

table1 has 3 columns named col1,col2 and col3 and has 1 dummy record with values 0,1,2 respectively. The other records are my master records

col1   col2   col3
0            1         2
A            B         C
AA         BB      C
D            E         F

table 2 has the mapping of the column as shown below

ColNo      Name    Descr      Conditon
0            ABC         BC      Yes
1            DEF         DE      No
2            GHI         GH      Yes

Now i have to populate values in table 3 from table 2 and table 1

The logic is as follows

Suppose first i read col1 from table1. I look and take the value 0 (dummy value) and i check the in table 2 if for 0 the condition is Yes or No. If its No I ignore the col1 and move to col2. If not i start populating values of col1 first and then move to next col2.

In the above table shown above, since condition for 0 is Yes i read values for col1 (which will be A,AA,D) and from table 2 i read value for 0 (ABC,BC) and populate it in table3. Once all data is populated for col1, i move to col2. Since col2 condition is No in Table2, i ignore col2 and then i finally read col3 (the condition is Yes for col3 in Table2) and my table3 should look as follows

ColNo   Typ   Name    Descr
0         A      ABC      BC
0         AA   ABC      BC
0         D      ABC      BC
2         C      GHI      GH
2         F      GHI      GH

This can be accomplished either using functions or PL/SQL procedure

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